NVIDIA 2D -> 3D, crypto now less volatile than oil, design like Mozart, and code better with Nova!


Google Chrome will summarize entire articles for you with built-in generative AI
The AI-powered notes in Chrome are launching first on Android and iOS.
Wait, Did They Just Leak The Secret Behind GPT-4?
OpenAI’s GPT-4 may owe its capabilities to an old technique from the early 1990s known as “Mixture of Experts”


Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Now Less Volatile Than Oil: Kaiko Research - Decrypt
The summer doldrums are hitting Bitcoin and Ethereum hard, dampening the assets’ historic volatility to multi-year lows.
Microsoft AI Integration Sends Aptos Token APT Soaring 13% - Decrypt
The price of APT is soaring after Microsoft announced it was partnering with Aptos Labs, the developer behind the blockchain.
Web3 Gaming Platform Immutable Launches zkEVM Testnet
The new Layer 2 blockchain will be a first of its kind chain dedicated to Web3 gaming products building on Ethereum.
Fintech in the Front, DeFi in the Back—Crypto’s Quiet Revolution Is Underway - Decrypt
From digital dollars to Visa cards, the promise of crypto is going to look a whole lot like the rise of fintech.


Other tech stuff

One of the leading video editing software makers, Avid, used for many major Hollywood productions, has recently been sold for $1.4B to a private equity firm.

Avid sold for $1.4 billion: what comes next?
Several months after it was revealed that it was exploring its options, Avid was sold overnight to private equity firm STG for $1.4 billion. Is a separate ProTools sale next?

I learned today that tapping the Bluetooth icon in the Control Centre on your iPhone doesn't actually turn off Bluetooth—it just disconnects from current devices. Apple designed it this way so that you can still use features like AirDrop and AirPlay. You have to go to Settings in order to actually disable Bluetooth.

The iOS 11 Control Center Doesn’t Really Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi - Here’s How to Fix It
If you want to conserve your battery and avoid all wireless activity on your iOS 11 device, you’re going to have to do this extra step.

This enabled hackers at DefCon to put together a Raspberry Pi and a few other components for around $70 to pretend it's an Apple device and trigger all sorts of popups on nearby iPhones that are used for connecting to nearby Apple devices.

This $70 device can spoof an Apple device and trick you into sharing your password | TechCrunch
A researcher built a $70 contraption designed to send pop-up prompts to nearby iPhones, which could trick targets into giving away their password.


My coding life changed this week when I discovered a beautiful new code editor for Mac: Nova! It's by Panic, who have previously built beautiful Mac apps such as Transmit and Coda.

The beautiful, fast, flexible, native Mac code editor from Panic.

I've always loved the Xcode UI and it always surprised/disappointed me that Apple didn't make it more friendly for web projects or that other web IDEs did not copy it. At the moment, the most popular web IDE is Microsoft's Visual Studio Code, and while quite functional, I dislike the UI. There are good code editors such as Sublime Text, WebStorm, TextMate, and BBEdit, but I feel like they are all strong in specific areas and lacking in others.

Nova is a beautiful, native Mac app that does everything well. It has:

  • A Mac-like UI for everything.
  • Support for modern languages like JSX and TypeScript.
  • A great built-in Git and diffing UI.
  • Fast file-switching with Command-Shift-O.
  • Great find/replace engine within files and projects.
  • Split view terminal and WebKit browser for previewing changes.
  • Extension library where you can install tools like Prettier and custom themes.

Additionally, there are beautiful UI touches like showing the HTML tag nesting structure and colouring each indent level column line differently so you can distinguish them more easily.

Useful functionality like git blame is also there by default without having to add an extension.

Check it out—I think you'll like it. I'm looking forward to finding out what other little gems they've added to the app! 💎 😀

Alright, that's a wrap—have a great weekend!

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